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The World Financial Group

Phone: 719-299-8777

Learn About The World Financial Group

The World Financial Group in Colorado Springs, CO is a part of the Aegon Group. It is a global financial services organization that offers insurance, retirement, and asset management solutions in 20 markets across the globe. In 2001, Aegon acquired the assets that became The World Financial Group.

Aegon is also ranked among the world’s biggest companies by Forbes magazine based on its $12.7 billion market capitalization. It operates under the Transamerica brand in the United States, one of the Top 10 largest providers of individual universal life, term life, and equity-indexed universal life insurance.

Learn About The World Financial Group

Transamerica companies offer a wide range of life and health protection solutions that create better tomorrows by protecting families and their dreams. The firm’s history goes back to more than a hundred years ago with products and services that have become well known throughout North America.

The World Financial Group is affiliated with Transamerica Financial Group Division of Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. It is a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor firm that is designed to serve Middle America. The group currently has more than $6.6 billion in assets under management.

In 2012, it was ranked no.1 among the United States independent broker-dealers based on revenue growth. In addition, the business was ranked no.10 among the United States broker-dealers based on number of representatives.

Currently, Transamerica has over 4,600 registered representatives. The company also has agreements with more than a hundred separate financial services product providers.

With help from the investment advisor representatives, the company provides money management services for small business owners and families of all incomes. This is through the help of independent third-party model managers.